The HIGHEST unemployment ever AND $5 a gallon gasoline! Hmmmmmmm, I wonder? If we let the oil industry drill for oil on U.S. soil and offshore AND promote natural gas how long before we had $2 gasoline prices and LOW unemployment? Man this stuff is tough, I need a break before I can write anymore.

And don’t give me any bunk about the environment you hypocrites! What do you think is happening to the environment in the countries currently producing oil and selling it to the U.S. They are destroying their eco systems and water systems and crop capabilities to get at the oil dollars. At least in the U.S. the oil industry does a much better job at minimizing the damage to the environment. But in the end really we need jobs, and we need a stable energy supply so the environment will have to suffer a little won’t it.

If you want to know what the energy industry is capable of vis-a-via the economy just look at Williston, North Dakota. A town of 12,000 with a dead-end economy is transformed from oil exploration and drilling to a booming town of 30,000 and average oil jobs providing $80-$100K slaries per year. WOW! We could sure use that all around America couldn’t we? BUT, not with President Moron and the Democratic Party of Hypocrites.

If you want a middle class life style with low unemployment and opportunities for your children NEVER vote for a Democrat! They are all about BIG GOVENRMENT and turning us into ENGLAND where everybody depends on the government for a hand out. This election vote for JOBS and your CHILDREN, VOTE REPUBLICAN or INDEPENDENT but NEVER for a low life scum sucking Democrat! 




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